Wrap Dress Conclusion/Global Warming

Tuesday, January 31, 2012 0 No tags Permalink

On Sunday, it was cold and snowy:

Today, it’s supposed to reach 52. On January 31.

Finished the wrap dress. I didn’t take a photo of me wearing it, because it looks just terrible on. Terrible.

I would not make this particular pattern again. In fact, since I had to heavily alter and cut the pattern, I can’t even give it away so it went in the trash. Problems with the pattern: the waist is too high. When you lower it, the pleats for the bust make you look weird. The instructions for the sleeve cuffs are impossible, and I had to pick out the stitching three times over. The skirt part (which I had to alter for length) made my legs look awesome. But the top is too ugly to wear out in public. On to the next project (which include girly valentine gifts for friends/employees)!

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