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Recent Crochet Projects – February Edition

Thought now would be a good time to catch up on recent crochet projects, as March is National Crochet Month! I’m still working on my plans for projects for that month (and have a few other things going as well).



First up was two baby blankets. I used Bernat Baby Blanket Big Ball Yarn and a bamboo P sized hook. The top one is purple with a white border, for a LHS alumni friend’s little girl. The bottom one is striped with a beige and cream. It looks less baby-ish, but I thought it could be fine for either a boy or girl. The color reminded me of a small woodland creature, soft and warm, which is why I chose it.



Next, I was ready for a quick and easy project. These cleaning cloths are made of cotton Sugar N Cream yarn; one skein made three cloths.



I love those kitchen scrubbies made of mesh. When our last one gave out, I thought I’d give it a try and make some myself. The stiffer netting works better at cleaning, but it’s hard on the old hands in the crocheting process. One yard of netting made two scrubbies.



This time of year, Maxy is always searching for a warm place to sit. I thought I’d see about making a bed without any kind of pattern. It didn’t go that well, to be honest. I do have some bamboo splicing that I am going to bend to make this stand up better. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try a bend coat hanger. It’s a lot of yarn and a lot of work for not much of a result, unfortunately.



The leftover skein from the above bed was used to make a little blanket for Maxy as he sits on my lap. He has several of these blankets in various locations through the house.



And now again for another blanket, again using the Bernat Baby Blanket Big Ball Yarn. This time I’m doing stripes with the purple and white. It’s for a friend’s son who is facing a grave illness. I hope to finish it this weekend and deliver it Tuesday.



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