Clearwater Beach

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Vintage Postcard – Clearwater Beach

clearwater beach

Clearwater’s Sparkling White Sand Beach
This view shows a small area of the beach just south of “Big Pier 60,” the western terminus of Florida Highway 60 at the edge of the Gulf of Mexico.
Color photos by Ward Beckett

Tom Brown Card Co., Clearwater, FLA.

This lovely vintage card was mailed December 22, 1975 using an 8 cent Giorgione, ca.1478-1510 National Gallery of Art stamp to Mr & Mrs Larry Watrous & Girls, 520 Kladder #2, Bellaire, Mich. 49615. It reads:

This place is just fabulous. I haven’t done a thing for almost a week now. Marcia and I had to exercise this morning to turn the tide of fat coming in. The drive down here is exasperating but considering the weather it’s worth it.
Merry Christmas
Ken & Marc

You can’t look at this card and not be happy, with the image or the message. “turn the tide of fat coming in” indeed! Love it. Love! Picked up this card at the Southwest Michigan Postcard Expo last Saturday in Kalamazoo (excellent time, by the way). Between this postcard, and the weather getting better by the day here in old Michigan, I can’t help but feel¬†better.¬†It’s time, isn’t it? I mean, four inches of snow on April 9? I’m so done with it. For as mild of a winter as it was, it sure seemed to drag on forever. But now. Now! Spring is returning and I can breathe again.

Speaking of turning the tide of fat coming in, I need to brush off my new year’s resolutions and get back to the gym. Or walking. Or doing anything except sitting on the couch wearing yoga pants.

Anyhow, State Road 60 was constructed in 1945 and ‘sunsets’ at Pier 60 in Clearwater. I picked up some fabulous Clearwater Memorial Causeway postcards at the expo, so you’ll be seeing some of those over the weeks to come. There’s just something about Clearwater Beach, and the Clearwater Memorial Causeway, that pulls me there. Love it.

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