Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Well, almost. And holy cats, what a year. From rotten politics to COVID and quarantine, we’re not sure if we are coming or going most days. While we look forward to the new year, it’s hard to tell what it will hold. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

This lovely vintage postcard features

La BreezeMotel
1114 No. Atlantic Ave., on A1A
Daytona Beach, Florida
Tel. CLinton 3-9165
Ultra Modern Rooms, Apts. And Efficiencies
Located Directly On The “World’s Most Famous Beach.”
Hot Water Heat Reasonable Rates

O’Brien Color Studios, Daytona Beach, Fla.

The card has not been used, but the writing on the back says:

Hello —–
This is a picture of our motel. It is a beautiful

and it cuts off there. The property, according to Google Street View, is now an empty lot.

Wishing you and your family much happiness and great health in 2021.

Vintage Christmas Postcards

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vintage Christmas postcard

This December, I’ve been posting daily vintage Christmas postcards on the catobear.com Facebook page (click here). Although these cards are not necessarily what you would normally find in my collection (that is, mid-century chrome cards featuring motels), they are quite nice. Most are embossed and some have foil leaf on them. The writing on the back is always in black ink from a fountain pen, as these cards are from 1900 – 1915 or so.

vintage Christmas postcard

Some of my penpals may find one of these in their mail this Christmas, provided I can actually catch up on my work and my Christmas cards and everything else I am behind on. I have yet to even put up the decorations and we’re just over a week to the solstice.

Anyhow, if you want to see the full set of cards, follow catobear.com on Facebook through this whole month. Wishing you a joyous holiday season!

Lee-Way Drive In

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Lee-Way Drive In – St. Petersburg, Florida

Lee-Way Drive In

Lee-Way Drive In
Mouth Watering Hamburgers, Fried Chicken, Shrimp (Oh, Shrimp), Short Orders
Malts — Shakes — Curb Service
17814 Gulf Blvd. – Redington Shores
St. Petersburg, Florida
Phone: [none printed on card]

Natural Color Reproduction – Curteichcolor Art-Creation Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.
Created by Foldes, St. Petersburg, Fla.

While this card is unused and undated, the Curteichcolor dating site has this print date listed as 1956. From the card, it looks like a counter and limited seating, a small place. But wouldn’t you like to try the shrimp? Yum!

From what I could dig up online, the Lee Way became Le Pompano some time around 1974 (owned by Michel and Clarine Denis), The Pepper Mill in between, and The Lobster Pot from 1979 to at least 2013.

From the Tampa Bay Times, June 9, 1992:

After the Lobster Pot, it looks like in 2015 the place was run as the Cocina Aqui Southwest Restaurant and Tequila Bar, and opened as Beach Brewz in 2018 (check out their website here).

According to Google Street View, here it is today as Beach Brewz:

Cedar Motel – Lake Worth Florida

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524 So. Federal Hwy.
Lake Worth, Florida
Apts., Efficiences, Hotel Rooms. Electric heat and cross ventilation. Nice Patio. Quiet homey atmosphere. Centrally located near shopping, churches, lake, ocean, New Pier and golf courses. Open all year, special summer rates.
Owner-Manager, Fred and Anne Seybold
Tel. JU 5-9828

Photo by Lamm Photo Service

This lovely vintage card was mailed from Lake Worth December 1961 using a four-cent purple Lincoln stamp to Mrs. Wallace White, 2830 Viki Terrace, Cincinnati, 11, Ohio. It reads:

Hi- Really having a ball. Very poor bridge but they have fun. Have a date to play Wed with mother’s former landlady. Very nice but wouldn’t take the dog. Just lives 1/2 block. $300.00 per mo. Judi

Unfortunately, I’ve struck out on looking up much on Mrs. White, Judi, the motel or the Seybolds.

Vintage Sewing Needle Books

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It’s time for another L&FO. Today we have two vintage sewing needle books. The Springfield Leader and Press newspaper for December 27, 1959 ran a full page ad for Evans Cut-Rite. In it, there was a book of 70 Gold-Eye needles with threader, normally 10 cents, on sale for 7 cents. Other hot sale items were Cannon hand towels, normally 39 cents each, on sale 3 for 88 cents, 24 tablets of Coricidin cold medicine for 69 cents, and a pair of plastic lamp shades on sale for $1.27. Although it doesn’t have an image, these things seem to be similar in the number of needles, putting this rocket Gold-Eye brand of a similar age:

vintage sewing needle book

vintage sewing needle book

The price of these sewing needle books varied around the country. In the March 18, 1964 Green Bay Press-Gazette, there is this book of 100 with a value of 15 cents, while in Santa Fe a similar book was 20 cents in July 1963.

vintage sewing needle book

This Atomic Gold-Eye book is a later date, with more needles than the Rocket and a much higher cost. The basic image hasn’t changed much, swapping out the couple riding on a needle compared a rocket ship.

vintage sewing needle book

vintage sewing needle book

The cool thing about collecting these is that I can actually use the needles. The books are more convenient than those little disc holders with the channels. I’ve been doing more sewing these days, recently finishing up a Decades of Style Three’s a Charm jacket and currently working on a McCall’s 7313 (C) dress.

If you’re interested in collecting some vintage sewing needle books, there are a ton of them on ebay. I found the Atomic one in a local antique shop. You should be able to get one in good shape with all of the needles for $3 – $8 each. I recently read an article suggesting millennials will still be interested in antiques, but will likely gravitate to items that still have purpose. They may be less likely to collect vases and china, and more likely to collect items they can use in daily life. I’m all for seeing a return to sewing instead of the continued purchase of $15 dresses made in a sweatshop and sold on Amazon.

Golden Beach Apartments

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Vintage Postcard – Golden Beach Apartments and Motel

Golden Beach Apartments


Golden Beach Apt’s and Motel
“Directly on the Ocean at 19475 Collins Ave.”
Miami Beach 54, Florida
Delightful Accommodations for One to Six Persons – Heated – Air Conditioning Optional – T.V. Available – Tropical Patio – Shuffleboard – Large Private Bathing Beach – Close to Shopping Centers, Restaurants and all Points of Interest.
Louis L. Goodwin, Resident Mgr.   Phone Wilson 7-9103

Pub. by Color-Ads Productions, Box 38-594, Miami, Fla.
Made by Dexter West Nyack, N.Y.

This lovely vintage postcard was mailed from North Miami Beach April 4, 1959. The stamp has been removed. It was sent to Miss Elva Durie, Lakeview Avenue, Clarkson, Ont. Canada. It reads:

Dear Elva:
Spending three weeks in Miami. Got fed up with the long cold winter so took off for the South. Weather perfect. Regards, Marion

Goodness, this place does look like it has delightful accommodations. Love the decorative iron on the balcony. Love the sign. Love it all. I understand being fed up with the long cold winter and heading to Miami for three weeks. I feel that way myself, roughly from October through April.

This history on the City of Mississauga has some photos and information on Elva Durie (pages 109 and 120), as does this (pages 64,84 and 90) . The Durie family had a store and merchant bank. The Golden Beach no longer stands, and it is a shame.

Like Miami Beach? Check these out:

Greetings from…

New Suez Resort

Buckingham Waterfront

Holiday Shores Motel

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Vintage Postcard – Holiday Shores Motel – Daytona Beach

Holiday Shores Motel
Holiday Shores Motel
Directly on World Famous Daytona Beach
1015 South Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, Florida
Daytona Beach’s Largest & Finest Motel – Room Controlled Air-Conditioning & Central Heat, Radios & Music – TV & Telephones in all rooms – Daily & Weekly Special Rates – Planned Activity – Oceanfront efficiencies & apartments – Hotel Rooms – Private Balcony – HEATED SWIMMING POOL.
Paul F. Gocke, Gen. Mgr.

Pub. by Dexter Photo Service, 645-647 North Ridgewood Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla.
Made by Dexter West Nyack, N.Y.

This card was mailed from Daytona Beach Aug 3, 1960 using a three-cent purple liberty stamp, cancelled with Pray for Peace. It was mailed to Miss Annie May Oakes, 1931 East 13th St. Davenport, Iowa. It reads:

No rain yesterday or today. 8/2/60
Hi! On our way home. Staying over night and to St. Augustine & Marineland & Jacksonville. Going to Nashville, Tenn for a day. Home by Sunday noon, I think! “Paleface” Jo & Elsie

Unfortunately, it appears that the Holiday Shores was torn down:

holiday shores now

I found Paul F. Gocke, manager of the Holidays Shores, in the Daytona Beach city directories from 1959 and 1960, listed with his wife Mary.

This notices in the The Davenport Democrat and Leader from July 1924 features Annie May Oakes, postcard recipient:


Another from the same paper, May 24, 1924:


She was old enough in 1924 to travel on her own and to throw a bridal shower for a friend. She remained in her family home at 1931 East Thirteenth Street through receiving the postcard, 36 years later and apparently unmarried. The US Census records for her (daughter of Samuel Oakes) has her birthday as being about 1890. And here’s a photo of her:


Though when she received the postcard, she would have been around 70. And here’s her house, at 1931 E Thirteenth Street:


I can’t find her death or burial information online.

Like Daytona Beach? More here:

Lodi Motel

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Treasure Island Beach Colony

Windsor Motel St. Petersburg

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Vintage Postcard – Windsor Motel – St. Petersburg, Florida

Windsor Motel

Windsor Motel
1924 Ninth St., North   St. Petersburg, Fla. 33704
Phone: 894-4375 (area code 813)
New modern, efficiency apartments and motel rooms. Air-conditioned and electrically heated for year ’round comfort. Tile baths with tub and shower. Free television in all units. Beautiful surroundings. Bus at door. Three minutes to center of town. Betty and Henry Hockl, Jr., Owners-Mgrs.

Color Card by Ward Beckett – Clearwater, Fla.

This lovely vintage card, featuring the AAA logo, is unused. It is so beautiful, I couldn’t help but buy it, even with the weird grease stain on the front. The neon sign. The cars. Everything is pink. I love it!

Awww yissssss. It’s still standing:


Elizabeth S. Hockl, January 17, 1910 – February 12, 1997. Can’t find an obituary. Henry Hockl Jr, February 25, 1909 – August 28, 1995. Can’t find an obituary. I did find a city directory which lists the motel as their address, along with son Henry Hockl III (in 1955 he was listed as a student; in 1956 he was listed as being in the Air Force).

Like St. Petersburg? More here:

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Sandalwood Motel

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Vintage Postcard – Sandalwood Motel – Clearwater, Florida

Sandalwood Motel
Sandalwood Motel
407 Jupiter Ave. – At Gulf to Bay Blvd.
Clearwater, Florida
Telephone 446-9284 … Air Conditioned…Electric Heat…T.V. In All Rooms…Tiled Baths…Overnights & Efficiencies…Shuffleboard.
Restaurant & Shopping Center Nearby
Mr & Mrs. Basil & Frances Wingrove, Owners/Operators [a sticker has been placed over the owner information, with Frances Lutey, Owner & Operator on the sticker]

Pub. by DeMay’s, Clearwater, Florida
Dexter Press, Inc. West Nyack, New York

This lovely vintage postcard is unused. I can’t tell you how much I love this card. The feeling of movement in the palms. The simpleness of the structure. That fabulous sign. It just makes me happy.

The Google Street View from today does not make me so happy:


From Basil’s obituary: “Basil H. Wingrove, 95, of Clearwater, died Wednesday (Feb. 23, 2000) at Phyllis Manor, Largo. He was born in West Virginia and lived many years in Clearwater and 10 years in Springhill. He owned and operated a sign company and a motel in Clearwater.” Wonder if his company designed and fabricated that fabulous sign for the motel?

Like Clearwater? More here:

Clearwater Causeway

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Golden Nugget

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Vintage Postcard – The Golden Nugget Miami

The Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget
“A Golden Vision in the Sun”
On the Ocean at 186th Street
Miami Beach, Fla.
Completely air-conditioned and heated –120 rooms and efficiencies–2 pools–400 feet of private beach–Coffee shop–Dining Room–Cocktail Lounge–Children’s facilities–Free Parking–Boat Docks–Tennis Courts–Putting Green–Free Radio in every Room.

Natural Color Reproduction – Curteichcolor Art-Creation Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.

This lovely vintage postcard is unsent, although the Curteicolor dating lists it as a 1957.

It appears the motel is permanently closed now and has been recently torn down (to be replaced with another godawful condo). Google listed its address as 18555 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160. Here’s an image, pre-demolition, from Google which shows the shape of the pool:


A recent description online states: “Condo-style hotel on the shores of Miami Beach. Golden Nugget Beach Club is set directly opposite Sunny Isles Beach and minutes from the Bal Harbour shops.

The hotel is a classic Miami Beach style pastel and flamingo pink building and offers standard as well as efficiency units with views of the garden, pool, and ocean. The pool is a vintage free-form pool with a large sun deck and faces the beach. A shuttle is provided for shopping and site seeing destinations.” Yelp and Google reviews were not as positive.