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Fourth of July Vacation – Windsor Ontario 2014

Last week was the Fourth of July, and Bob and I got away with a mini-vacation! We started out on Thursday evening, catching a show at Tibbits Opera House. Some of you may know I used to play professional summerstock in the pit orchestra at Tibbits. We haven’t been to a show since the last one I was in seven years ago. In the meanwhile, they’ve completely restored the facade.

tibbits opera house

Tibbits is the second oldest theatre in Michigan (Wiki).  The show we caught was The Look of Love, a revue of Burt Bacharach songs. They did a great job; days later I am still humming a few of the songs.


Friday morning we got up early and drove to Detroit. Here’s the Gateway Bridge (I-94 over Telegraph).


Like last year, we took the tunnel, but there was very little traffic so we sailed right through.


We got to Caesars early, and stowed our luggage with the bell hop before going for a walk along the river.


Caesars sits directly across from the GM Ren Center.


The riverwalk park system is amazing. So much to see on the walk…


including spaceships and sculptures…


Michigan Central Station



baby ducks…


and ships.


It’s about a two mile walk from the casino to the base of the bridge.


We made it all the way down!


Now, I had a little incident with my longboard the previous Tuesday. While I managed to hump it the two miles to the bridge with a cane, I got a ride back in a chair with Bob, my knight in shining armor, pushing me through the neighborhoods. Windsor is a beautiful place.


We got back to the hotel and cleaned up before heading to dinner at Lebanese restaurant Mazaar. The food was excellent. Toward the end of dinner, we realized Brazil must have one their soccer game, as cars started driving up and down the street honking like mad, passengers waving flags and hanging out the windows.


After dinner we headed down Ouellette Avenue in search of outdoor patios.


First stop was the City Grill on the corner of Park and Ouellette, where we enjoyed a Mill Street Organic and watched people. The hostess said the Brazilian enthusiasts would stop around 7:30 and she was correct.


Incidentally, if you’re looking to surprise me with something nice, a case of Mill Street Organic would be most appreciated. All time favorite beer!


Next we went to Vermouth. We sat outside and enjoyed a beer infused with chipotle peppers. Spicy and strange!


After Vermouth, we continued on to the Kilt and Fiddle and then on to the Bistro at the River.


The weather was just perfect for sitting outside at each place, people-watching and talking.


The next morning, we got up and headed back to Ouellette Avenue for breakfast.


I absolutely think we could happily live in Windsor.


After breakfast we took the bridge heading home to enjoy a quiet rest of the weekend.


It was the best time! I could not have asked for a better trip and am already looking forward to our next time in Windsor.

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