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Postcard Expo, Wyoming, Michigan!

On Saturday, Bob and I went to our first postcard expo, hosted by the West Michigan Postcard Club.


Wyoming is about an hour and a half drive, up near Grand Rapids. We got there around 12:30. The parking lot was pretty full. While I looked through postcards, Bob took pictures.

WM Postcard Club Expo

Most of the folks seemed to know each other, both as vendors and customers. In addition to the postcards, there were some other bits of ephemera as well.

WM Postcard Club Expo

Most of the vendors split the cards into states/cities, then topics (cats, railroad, etc.).

WM Postcard Club Expo

I didn’t really have a plan for what I was looking for, going in. Having a plan would be better for next time. As you know, I generally collect mid-century chrome cards featuring motels, mostly from Florida, but also Las Vegas and California. I also have an interest in Battle Creek cards.

WM Postcard Club Expo

One of the vendors, who has been running the expo circuit for 37 years, said most collectors look for their home town.

WM Postcard Club Expo

Again, the next time I would have more of a plan in place of specific things for which I am looking to purchase. We were at the expo for well over an hour, and I only really hit three booths.

WM Postcard Club Expo

All of the vendors were really, really nice. It seemed that most of them wanted to chat about their cards and collecting as well. Probably when you get in a room with people who share your hobby and are willing to chat, you’ve got years of conversation stored up. Bob was so patient. Not only did he take photos, but he also chatted with the vendors.

I picked up seven new cards:

The Flamingo, Las Vegas
Wilbur Clark’s Desert Inn (a night shot I have never seen), mailed Mar 4 1961
Casa Loma Motel in Daytona Beach
Gayfair Hotel in St. Petersburg
Royal Palm Way, Palm Beach Florida
The Shoppers Special, St. Petersburg, mailed Mar 2 1968
The Hotel Albemarle in St. Petersburg, mailed Feb 26 1957
The Hotel Dunes, Las Vegas
Battle Creek, Michigan, Michigan Avenue at Night

The next show I am thinking of hitting is October 12 in Kalamazoo.

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