We’re Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

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Hottest Week This Summer

This week is predicted to be the hottest week so far this summer, with temps in the 90s, heatĀ indices in the upper 90s and nighttime lows staying around 70 degrees. Of course, the air conditioning unit in the lobby at work is broken. Staff members are advised to wear swimsuits until the temperature changes or I can find an a/c unit to exactly fit the hole in the wall where the dead one rests.


It is pretty, though. I won’t complain, as I much prefer the excessive heat to the freezing cold. The heat simply makes me feel lethargic, where the cold makes me feel hateful. Am I the only one to feel apprehension with the loss of daylight each day? We’re already mid-July.


I just finished another of my summer reads, Kate Atkinson’sĀ Life After Life, and I’ll be posting a review up later this week. I’ve also got two great vintage postcard posts coming up later in the week. Catobear.com was featured on Yes and Yes! on Saturday; do check it out as it’s a great site. Stay cool.

Oh god, it really is as bad as I remember it:

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