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vintage typewriters Olympia SM9

I have recently, as mentioned in my last post, fallen into the rabbit hole of vintage typewriters. Heaven knows I appreciate vintage desk equipment like my Zephyr American Rolodex V-File Jr. or my Swingline 333. And also, modern life in general is maybe not so great, as this week I have spent hours upon hours on tech support with three companies to get to the bottom of some email troubles. And any time I wind up trying to write on the computer, I find myself wandering the internet and not doing much writing.

So, vintage typewriters. The one at the top of the page is a 1965 Olympia SM9. It was born in West Germany and is in fantastic shape.

vintage typewriters olympia SM9

The feel of typing on it is amazing, crisp and fun. And the typeface itself is perfect.

vintage typewriters olympia SM9

Honestly, writing on it is a delight. I look forward to writing letters, tags, short stories. Owning an Olympia SM9 is a slam dunk.

vintage typewriters royal safari

The 1966 Royal Safari is a beautiful machine, isn’t it? And this one has a lovely script font.

vintage typewriters royal safari

That being said, it takes more effort to get it to type nice and dark. You’d have a hard time writing something really lengthy with it, but it would make some nice cards or tags.

I need about three weeks to get everything done that I would like to get done, clear the plate of old projects, and start fresh. I don’t see that happening, but it sure would be nice.

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