Vintage Sentimentality

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I have migraine headaches. Last night, one took me out. I had stuff I had to do and stuff I wanted to do. But what did I do? Take a migraine tab and sit on the couch with a hot compress on my head. Frustrating.

So. Been feeling a bit sentimental lately. Do you ever feel that way? Maybe it’s the changing leaves or something. Because they are absolutely, definitely changing and it’s going to be an early fall. I find autumn is almost always a time of reflection for me. Also, it’s a time when I start to get a little panicky about the upcoming snow.

Mom’s been pulling some photo albums for me. Thought I’d share a few vintage pics.

Here’s one of me and my great-grandma Hudda. Looks like it was taken at Grandma and Grandpa’s on Long Boulevard.


I’m always posting photos of cats. Maybe you think I don’t care for dogs? Here is Emily, my sister-dog. I was raised by a dog.


And I think some time ago I promised you a few photos from up north. These two are at my grandparents’ place in Ocqueoc, Michigan, before the cabin was built.



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