Vernal Equinox

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Bob and I took a three day weekend, and I enjoyed every minute of it! It’s raining tonight as I’m posting this, and we had a few thunderclaps…the first storm of spring. It’s cool today, but yesterday was up around 50 degrees.

Yesterday we went for breakfast, then went to the Kellogg Forest for a walk. We were surprised to find that it was maple syrup day and there were tons of people there. However, we walked the extreme outer path and didn’t encounter anyone on our trip.

After our walk, we went in to the Maple Manor to see the process.

We bought some fresh maple syrup, made right there this month from the trees that we walk around in the Kellogg Forest.

Last night was the so-called SUPER MOON! We went out and took some pictures, but it was really hazy.

Today we went to breakfast, then had coffee and chatted with Sue, who often meets us for coffee and conversation. After that, we took a long drive in the country. Came back home and I started on the vernal equinox dinner. I made a batch of orange flower cookies with the wooden molds. The process was more time-consuming than I had planned.

For dinner we had pasta with mushrooms and asparagus, home made cheddar shallot bread and a big salad.

There are tiny leaves starting on the willow tree. Yesterday I did some clean up in the yard. It will be time for planting before we know it!

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