Tropical Acres Dania

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Vintage Postcard – Tropical Acres Dania

Tropical Acres Dania

Tropical Acres Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge
2500 Griffin Road, Dania, Florida
Located 1/2 Mi. West of Int.95 Expressway
Between Fort Lauderdale & Hollywood
Open Year Round – Phone 989-4534
Home of the finest sizzling charcoal broiled steaks in South Florida – also chops, chicken and sea food. Open daily 4:30 p.m., Sundays and holidays, 1 p.m. Private party room accommodations for 10 to 120 persons. Other Tropical Acres at Boynton Beach, Fla., Pompano Beach, Fla., and Yonkers, N.Y.

Tom Neel Color Cards, P.O. Box 13, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This lovely vintage postcard was mailed from Hollywood Florida on February 13, but the year is unintelligible. It was mailed using a gray 5 cent Washington stamp (issued 1962) to Mrs. L.E. Peck, 212 N 8th St. Lansing, Michigan. It reads:

2/13 Hi, we are back to Hollywood again. Love it for 4 weeks. All our pals here too & weather lovely. Good food as we have dinners out. I’ll weigh a ton when we get back March 8th. We have a rental T-Bird convertible – Big Stuff – Bill feels like a teenager again – Ha! Love Kay & Bill.
78 degrees

I love Kay’s message, and think I would enjoy having coffee with her. She seems to have a good sense of humor.

We’ve featured Tropical Acres before here  and here (Pompano Beach location). The location from our postcard today, Dania, is still open for business! You should totally check it out if you’re in the area. Urban Spoon reviews are fantastic.

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