Towne Motel Miami

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Vintage Postcard – Towne Motel Miami

towne motel miami

The Towne Motel
1200 Brickell Avenue, Route 1
Miami, Florida
Downtown Miami…Modern…Luxuriously Furnished…TV in all rooms…Air Conditioned and Heated…Parking at Door.
Phone: FRanklin 1-4429

YorKolor Process, 134 Spring St. N.Y. 12 N.Y.
YL 9560

This lovely vintage postcard features the AAA logo. It was mailed from Miami on February 25, 1959 using a purple 3 cent liberty stamp and sent to Miss Hattie Stenews, Greenville New York. It reads:

Feb. 25. We are staying here tonight. I like St. Petersburg much better than Miami – too much like New York City. Marian.

Looks like this address is right in the middle of downtown, replaced by tall buildings. Shame, really. It was a lovely old motel.

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