The Violets of March

Monday, January 16, 2012 0 No tags Permalink

Finished The Violets of March, by Sarah Jio this weekend.

It was a pretty good book, and a fast read. It takes place on the west coast, where I generally prefer my ocean-fiction to take place on the east coast. The whole book was actually quite delightful, until the last 20 pages or so. There were too many loose ends, too many story-lines going on, and she wrapped them all up much too quickly. It was like a mad dash to the end, where perhaps she had been told she only had 304 pages and every word after that she would be charged $3 to add. In another 50 or so pages, she could have brought everything together in a more relaxed, lazy fashion and it would have felt a lot better.

If you have a weekend without anything to do, and feel like spending time on the couch, it is a quick read and will be a nice distraction.

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