The Hotel Albemarle

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Vintage Postcard – Hotel Albemarle

Hotel Albermarle St Petersburg

145 Third Ave., N.E.
St. Petersburg, Florida
100 Rooms —- 100 Baths —- Steam Heat
Elevator Service —- Dining Room
St. Petersburg’s Distinctive Hotel
of Quality and Genuine Hospitality
D.A. Tucker, Man. Dir.

Pub. by Pantier Dros., 258 Mt. Prospect Ave. Clifton, N.J. 44262
Dextone Made Direct from Kodachrome and Ansco Color By Dexter Press, Pearl River

This lovely vintage postcard has a LOT of writing, over most of the back of the card. It was mailed February 26, 1957 using a 2 cent red Jefferson stamp to Misses A & M Shieds, 3370 – 163rd St. Flushing New York. It reads:

Feb. 26, 1957.
Dear Agnes & Marion –
Arrived here safely & on time, yesterday after-noon. Lucy & Mrs. Dodge and the driver of the Albemarle car, were at the station to meet me – Lulu & May were there, too, to greet me, so I had a nice reception. The Hotel is beautiful, I think you would like it. It is not very warm to-day. Really cool & cloudy. Love Millie
Thanks a lot for giving me the address. Lucy knows everyone.

And now, for double your enjoyment…a second card!

Hotel Albemarle

The Hotel Albemarle

145 Third Ave., N.E.
St. Petersburg, Florida 33731
125 Rooms — 125 Baths — Steam Heat
Elevator Service — Heated Pool — Dining Room
A Resort Hotel of Distinction
In The Sunshine City
D.A. Tucker and W.D. Tucker,

This card was mailed using a blue 5 cent Washington stamp. The postmark cancellation is Defeat Muscular Dystrophy Support MDAA. The date is obscurred (this stamp was issued in February 1966), and the handwriting is awful. It was mailed to Mrs. Fred Wetherlee [?], 10 Amherst St, Milford New Hampshire. From what I can make it, it reads:

Dear Mother Wetherlee, We are staying here until we get our apartment [unintelligible] in St Petersburg until April 1st. Weather in the 70. Love [unintelligible]

Unfortunately, the Albemarle is no more.

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