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Vintage Postcard – Miramar Apartments and Motel – Hallandale, Florida

miramar apartments and motel

725 N.E. 7th Street, Hallandale, Florida
Complete modern apartments for two or four people. Centrally located, near business district, beaches, race tracks, and world-famous restaurants. Open year ’round.
Phone Hollywood WM-2-2119

Genuine Natural Color Made by Dexter Press, Inc., West Nyack, N.Y.
Pub. by Labelle Studio, 129 N. 20th Ave., Hollywood, Fla.

This lovely vintage card was mailed from Hallandale February 10, 1961 using a purple 3 cent Liberty stamp (affixed upside down). It was sent to Mr. & Mrs. Gene Scram, 128 Benmore Dr, Winter Park, Florida. It reads:

Dear Friends
We finally made it. Went to track yesterday and came back with our loot. Hope you folks come down. If you don’t find us here they will know where to send you at the office. Thanks again for your kindness.
Harry & Esther

If you look closely, you’ll see a man sitting, reading a paper, and a woman in a black swimsuit under the umbrella. The card doesn’t mention there’s a pool, but this was back in the age of sunbathing I suppose.

Hallandale is just south of Hollywood, north of Miami.

Guess what, friends? The building still stands! From Google Street View:


It appears that it was for sale not too long ago. It is listed as being built in 1953, and had 12 units: six efficiencies (bathroom, kitchen, walk-in closet, fridge, microwave) and six hotel rooms (bathroom, microwave, fridge) with six individual Water Heaters (40 gallons each), a/c wall units, with a total of 2,456 square feet.

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