Sundown Motel

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Vintage Postcard – Sundown Motel

Sundown Motel

Sundown Motel
On U.S. 27 & M78 at East City Limits
Charlotte, Michigan
Beautyrest Mattresses – Carpeted Floors
Ceramic Bath Tub & Shower – Steam Heat
Mr. & Mrs. C. Perrin, Proprietors
Telephone: CHarlotte 2399

Pub. by Chucks Color-Fotos, Hicksville, Ohio. (c) 1958

This postcard features the AAA logo.

Now here is a card I don’t even need to look up. You see, as kids we saw this motel every time we went up to see Grandma and Grandpa in Lansing (before the I-69 interchange went through). While I was a student at KCC, I took a black and white photography class. My project was all about neon signs. I remembered I had taken a picture of the Sundown Motel sign (this was maybe 14 years ago, and the Sundown was closed even then). As you can see, I used the photo for my NPCW postcards.

Sundown Motel
The postcard at the top shows the motel when it was new(er?). Once the national interstate system went through, small motels lost their place and tried to feature new entertainment to bring in the travelers (in this case, mini-golf). The Sundown was torn down some time ago. Other local motels were still standing last time I drove past…the Crestview and Goldies (both are located on what’s now known as Lansing Road, if you’re interested). But only the Sundown had the excellent neon sign that beckoned the weary traveler to stop and rest for the night.

Here’s a bit from Wikipedia on the history of that section of I-69: Temporary I-69 between Charlotte and Morrice was a divided highway originally designated as part of M-78. In 1984, two portions of I-69 alignment were completed, a stretch from I-96 to US-27 northwest of Lansing (designated US-27 at first) and the portion between Lapeer and Port Huron which was designated I-69 upon its completion. The final 12-mile (19 km) stretch of I-69 between Charlotte and I-96 was opened in October 1992. It completed Michigan’s original state-wide Interstate Highway System.

Also, if you’re not from Michigan, you may be mispronouncing Charlotte. It’s SHAR-lot. Need more help with your Michigan pronunciations? Check this out. I am guilty of about half of them.

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