Springtime in Michigan…

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Cats on the Move!

Finally, really, spring in Michigan is here to stay. The weather this past week was in the 70s. We had our first real thunderstorm with hail Tuesday morning while I was at a meeting at Brownstone. The daffodils in the yard have bloomed, most of the perennials are coming up through the soil (I seem to have lost the second blue mist spirea this year…), the birds are singing and making nests. It’s a great time of year (the one complaint: migraines).

Meanwhile, the cats have taken up their springtime locations. Maxy is spending a lot of time on the back porch, but in the evenings they both sneak upstairs to the bed and take naps together. Well, as close to together as they are ever going to get:

Cato and Maxy
They are such funny little creatures. Maxy’s leg seems to be near 100 percent, though we are keeping him on the Cosequin for now. He hates to have his picture taken.

Maxy cat

It is nice to see more of Cato, after her long winter in hibernation in the basement.

Things have been busy at work. We are getting ready to kick of the summer of events. The Martini Madness event is in two weeks. After that, the Annual Meeting on the 28th followed by the Golf Event (2nd Annual!) on the 31st. I received an email letting me know that my request for funding for the outside stray kennel reconstruction was approved, so I am thinking we’ll start tear-down yet this month (another summer of construction at the shelter…and all that goes with it!).

Keeping busy at home, too. Mom and I are planning on doing the greenhouses the week of May 20, followed by the cemeteries in Lansing. I’ve got the oriole jelly feeder up (no sign of them yet), and will put out the hummingbird feeder this weekend I think. Working on the bait bag project. Time sure flies.

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