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Michigan Weather – Garden Progress

Spring is slow in coming to Purdy Drive this year. Compared to March 15 last year, when everything was already in bloom, we are perhaps close to a month behind. The daffodils in the front:

The hyacinths in the side yard:

And the crocuses in the side yard:

At least we’re looking at some sun predicted every day coming up except for Sunday (Easter) when it is supposed to rain. However, they are predicting temps maybe above 50 for Saturday. And, dare I say it in case it jinxes us, no more snow is predicted in the extended forecast. Overnight lows will still be in the 20s, so we’ll have frost. But maybe no more snow.

Yesterday was so totally the full moon. We all sort of had a sick feeling before we opened that it was going to be a bad day, but it turned out to be a really bad day. Just hoping today is better. It feels like it should be Friday, but it is not.

Gabriel came to the shelter on Saturday, the day of April’s shower, with a bad leg. He couldn’t stand on it, and there was a huge (3 inch) open wound on it. Monday I took him in to Dickman, he tested negative for FIV/Felv and had an x-ray. Dr. Ron determined that he was completely┬áparalyzed┬ábelow the elbow and the leg had deteriorated to the point it needed to be removed. Gabriel had his leg amputated. He came back to the shelter Tuesday afternoon. He is doing really well. He is the most loving cat ever, desperate for petting and cuddling. He is also so hungry; the doctors believe his leg kept him from being a successful hunter and he was starving to death.

Gabriel the cat
Here he is, being held by a coworker. Think it’s a good idea to let your cat go outside? Think again. He was someone’s cat at one point. Then, somehow, he was released to fend for himself, got injured and would have died if a kind-hearted person didn’t bring him to the shelter. Fortunately, we had enough money in the special fund to have his surgery, which was heavily discounted to only $250. Gabriel is getting on fine as a tripod kitty, learning to walk. He is such a special cat.

And here, just for your pleasure, is a sleepy shelter kitty in the cat solarium:

kitten Danica

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