Special Guest

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special guest

We had a special guest over the Fourth of July weekend. Kitten Pi, who has an injured hind leg, stayed with us and brought us all kinds of joy. When he’s not playing, he’s sleeping, and he prefers to cuddle up close when he sleeps.

special guest
special guest

He’s gone on to another foster home until he’s ready for surgery. In the few days he was with us, he let me know that perhaps I can love another cat again. Pi is a special little soul, and we were lucky to have him as our special guest.

The summer is half over now, which seems incredible. I’m having a weird situation, where I have so many thoughts of so many things I’d like to do, I feel it is all overwhelming to the point where I should just go to bed. I’ve always had a list of the projects, ideas, things I want to learn about and do, but I’ve never before felt like it was all too much.

We are getting ready for our first of two in-person events at work since the pandemic. I haven’t been in a crowd in two years, so I expect this will feel a little uncomfortable.

The garden is looking pretty good. While June was exceptionally dry, we’ve had a bit of rain in July. We now have tiny tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and eggplants. The flowers look good, too.

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