Spanish Courts Motel

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Spanish Courts
Located 1124 Broadway, Riviera Beach, Fla
In exotic tropical gardens on U. S. No 1
1/2 mile north of West Palm Beach, Fla
20 individual cottages and 10 motel rooms. Heated and
air conditioned. Television in each cottage. Swimming
pool. Near Beach and fishing, close to shopping center
and churches.
Mr. & Mrs. D. G. Plummer.  Phone Victor 4-6881.

AAA logo. Used and postmarked, Riviera Beach FLA 9 PM (can’t read date)
Postmark reads PRAY FOR PEACE. Stamp is a 3 cent 1607 1957 Shipbuilding

Sent to Miss Riley Lepford
Mrs Grace Hartford
New Hampshire

I did appreciate your nice note at Christmas and think of you a lot. Wish I could run in and see you. Bet you are enjoying your furnace this cold (unintelligible) winter. Summer here, in the eighties every day. Hope to have a good visit with you next summer. Love, Gladys.

The lack of a full mailing address is interesting. I did some basic searching on the stamp, and came across this link which includes my stamp, under the Rotary Press – Perf 10 1/2 x 11 – 200 Subject Electric Eye Plates section. It is the 350th Anniversary of American Shipbuilding stamp, Bath, ME – August 15, 1957 280 Subject E.E. Plates – 126,266,000 issued.

The motel itself no longer appears to be a motel, but the buildings still exist. It appears likely that at least one of them is now housing an Immigrant and Minority Services department. The lovely pool is gone, but you can still count out the original 20 cottages:

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