Southern Comfort Court

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Vintage Postcard – Southern Comfort Court

Southern Comfort Court

Southern Comfort Court
4845 – 4th Street North (U.S. 92)
St. Petersburg, Florida
Phone: HE 6-2600
17 New, Modern Units – TV & Air-Conditioning
Central Heat – Conveniently Located
Your Hosts
Bert & Ray Veit
Owners – Managers

Photo by J. Foldes
Produced by J. Foldes, 5950 – 58 St. No., St. Petersburg, Fla.

This lovely vintage card was mailed using a three cent purple liberty stamp, postmarked with a TB Association cancellation, Saint Petersburg December 2, 1959, 4:30PM. It was mailed to Miss Catherine Robbins, 231 Washington Street, Riverside, New Jersey. It reads:

Warming up expect 72 deg today. We are staying at this motel for the next week. Going to snoop around today to see the sights or go fishing. Love, Alice & Doc.

Who couldn’t use some Southern Comfort these days? No, not that kind. The kind that you enjoy when you’re staying in a lovely pink motel, playing shuffleboard in a one-lane off the parking lot. You hear the palm trees rustling in the breeze. Spectators ¬†(human and canine)¬†politely watch. Perhaps, after you’re done, you can toss around the old beach ball. Just closing my eyes and imagining it slows my heart rate and lifts my spirits.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for some Southern Comfort for yourself, it won’t be found on 4th Street North in St. Pete. The Southern Comfort Motel has been replaced by the horrors of modern suburbia and a really terrible bank branch.

We made a quick trip to Windsor over the Fourth of July. Had a fantastic time. Photos to come next week!

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