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Today I woke up (very, very late) and found this lovely snow. It’s even prettier knowing it’s going to melt away today and be up to near 60 degrees again this weekend. And, it’s Friday!

I made good progress on my Christmas gifts last night. I think I can finish up two more tonight, and the next set requires another trip to the store. Less than two weeks to Thanksgiving. I need to figure out the final decision on the two dessert recipes and dust off my greeting card list.

There isn’t a single project I’m working on that I don’t think…I wish I could tell Grandma about this. Every single thing I’m working on.

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  • Bob
    November 22, 2011

    I love how the green sign stands out so prominently in the top picture. If it wasn’t for the slight hint of blue sky the lower picture it could easily pass for a B&W. I love both of those shots. You have a good eye for photography!

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