Skyways Hotel LA

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Vintage Postcard – Skyways Hotel LA

skyways hotel LA

Skyways Hotel
9250 Airport Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.
5 minutes from L.A. International Airport. Ideal for air traveler. Beautiful landscaped. Two heated pools, luxurious rooms with RCA T.V. New, modern coffee shop. Free airport limousine service.

“Plastichrome” by Colourpicture, Boston 30, Mass. – 6270 Mosely Ave., L.A.

This lovely vintage postcard has the AAA logo and a logo for Lee Hotels. It was mailed from Los Angeles October 3, 1966 using a purple four cent Lincoln stamp (S36- Scott #1036A) to Mrs. Alfred Lewis, 2611 90th St. Sturtevant Wis. It reads:

Arrived in LA safe and sound (3pm Monday). Trip was nice but didn’t see much but desert. Few Mts. were beautiful. We’ll try a different way back. Los Angeles is all freeways it seems. A big, big town. Had no trouble finding the airport or motel. Our place is right close by. Car will be parked for us inside. Love Dorothy & Phil.

This is a gorgeous card. Two bathing beauties, and two slicks in suits. Also some random woman, fully clothed, on a beach chair. The colors are just lovely, though. I love this card.

Joy of joys, the building still stands and is now a Super 8 (Google Street View):

skyways hotel


This pool view is from the Super 8 website:

Courtesy of Super 8 Website

Courtesy of Super 8 Website

It actually gets decent reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp!

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