Sirocco Apartments and Motel

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Vintage Postcard – Sirocco Apartments and Motel

Sirocco Apartments and Motel

Sirocco Apartments & Motel
“Directly on the Ocean”
1401 South Surf Road    Hollywood Beach, Fla.
One and Two Bedroom Apts., Efficiencies and Hotel Rooms – Air Conditioned and Heated. Completely equipped for Housekeeping – Spacious Patio – Clean Sandy Beach. For Reservations write or wire. Tel WAbash 2-9274.

Pub. by Gulfstream Associates
P.O. Box 8, North Miami Beach, Fla. 15030-B

Genuine Natural Color Made by Dexter Press, Inc., West Nyack, N.Y.

This lovely card is unused.

I enjoy the pale pink stucco, the palm trees, the weird grouping of man in plaid trunks with a chick on each arm. And the people standing on the balcony in the distance…perhaps the least attractive of the lot? Hard to tell. I always wonder a bit at who makes the photography posing decisions, motel owner or photographer?

You’ll be delighted to know that the building still stands. From Google Street View:

sirocco today

I doubt very much either writing or wiring reservations would work these days.

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  • jcasson12
    October 10, 2019

    Thank-you for sharing this photo. Spent the summer there in a small room with my family in 1981. I was 11. The guy posing with the two girls is actually standing on what used to be a shuffleboard court. The lawn chairs the people are sitting on are usually up alongside the doors to the individual entrances. The owners of the hotel (two older ladies) would encourage people to take the chairs to the beach, but hated when they would put them on the lawn (as they are in this picture) for some reason. Behind the shrubs in the more recent picture is (or was) actually a small pool. But the shrubs weren’t there in 1981 and anyone walking by could (and did) stare into the pool and pool area at the guests.

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