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Vintage Postcard – Sir RuDimar Motel – Disneyland

Sir RuDimar

Sir RuDimar Motel
At Disneyland
615 West Katella     Anaheim, Calif.
Tel: KEystone 5-5445
Use Area Code 714
An excellent Motel. Tastefully decorated rooms, each with free TV, thermostatically controlled heat, and refrigerated air-conditioning. Heated pool.

Pub. by Mellinger Studios, 2089 Bridgen Rd., Pasadena, Calif.
C–29654 No. 7

This lovely postcard, unused, has the AAA logo. It’s from an estate sale where my mom grabbed a huge box of cards. The area code 714 was split January 1951. I’d guess this card was printed in the late 1950s as the telephone exchange numbers were phased out in the 1960s. Disneyland opened in 1955.

Katella is now a large street, and this place is long gone. Shame, as it was quite charming! Heh. The Los Angeles Times had an article, written by Kevin Johnson May 25, 1991 about the RuDimar and a potential sale at $3.7 million for the 26-room property. City of Anaheim permitting had years of issues on the place. There seem to be numerous code compliance issues on file for debris and the “FASCIA BOARDS LOOK RAT EATEN” as of 2001. It seems to have been demolished with City approval in August 2002.

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