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Vintage Postcard – Sinbad Motel

sinbad motel miami

Sinbad Motel
6150 Biscayne Blvd., Miami 37, Florida
Phone 89-7337
Directly on U.S.1 in Miami proper within minutes of all attractions. 28 Rooms – Kitchenettes available. Central air-conditioning and heating. Cathedral beamed ceilings – Foam rubber bedding – Tub baths with showers. Large separate dressing rooms – Wall to wall carpeting – Rooms with Television.


This lovely vintage postcard was mailed using a red two cent John Adams stamp, with the special cancellation HIRE THE HANDICAPPED/ITS GOOD BUSINESS. It was mailed from Miami July 16, 1953 to Mr. & Mrs. H. Chancellor, 6411 Delora Ave, Brooklyn Cleveland 9 Ohio. It reads:

Arrived here 1:30 PM Wed. at last – had nice driving weather nice good roads only I took #1 all way down to Miami and you stop and slow up too much. My left arm is blistering and Mom’s right arm is itching.
Mom & Dad

Part of the MiMo District, here is the Sinbad today, at 6150 Biscayne Boulevard (from our Florida vacation 2014):

Sinbad Motel Miami


From the Historic District Designation Report: The building permit for the Sinbad Motel was for a twelve-unit apartment built at a cost of $108,350.00. The Sinbad consists of a rectangular block without the amenity of a swimming pool. The building has been considerably altered, as the original fenestration of the first floor has been enclosed, and a heavy metal picket balustrade now frames the simple terrace that extends around the building. In a 1950s postcard the caption read in part: “Cathedral beamed ceilings—Foam rubber bedding—Tub baths with showers.”

The silver bird on top of the pole on the roof is now gone, so there’s no sense in looking for it. Unfortunately, the Sinbad doesn’t seem to have its own website. It gets nice reviews on Google+.

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