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Thursday, December 6, 2012 0 No tags Permalink

Often, I complain/cry about some problem going on with the building, the staff or the public at work. I want to share yesterday’s interactions.

I received an email from Jennifer, who adopted kittens Tuffy and Pixie a year ago. She sent a photo of them, all grown up now and doing well. She wrote “Please enjoy!  As we enjoy their company everyday! Thank you for all of the work you do!”

Later in the afternoon, a gentleman came in with donations. Before he left, he said he wanted to thank us. Fifteen years ago, he adopted a puppy from us. The best dog he has ever had, a wonderful 15 years. He had to have the dog put to sleep just recently, but he wanted to thank us for those happy years.

Today, I have again been in tears…but they are happy tears, brought on by heartwarming interactions between people and pets.

This is Homer, my “home-boy.” He is incredibly cuddly and likes to kiss.

This is Lee, cuddling up with his toys.

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