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Vintage Postcard – The Shalimar Motel

shalimar motel miami

The Shalimar Motel – 6200 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, Florida. The newest and most luxurious Motel in the heart of Miami. 5 minutes to downtown. 50 Air-conditioned and heated rooms with tile baths. Hotel rooms and efficiencies. Convenient to beaches and race tracks, shopping center. Telephone switchboard service. Completed in 1952. Rates on request. Phone 84-0683.

Dextone Made Direct from Kodachrome and Ansco Color by Dexter Press, Inc., West Nyack, N.Y.

Pub. by Clark A. Brandenburg
P.O.Box 36, Allapattah Station, Miami 42, Fla.

This lovely vintage card features the AAA and Quality Courts United logos. It has not been used.

The Shalimar Motel is still in business. Check out their website or book your room online. It’s been recently renovated and they did a lovely job of it. Here is the Shalimar today, from our recent trip to Florida:

Shalimar Motel

The Shalimar is part of the MiMo District. Located at 6200 Biscayne Boulevard, it was designed by Edwin Reeder.

From the Historic District Designation Report: Architect: Edwin Reeder. Along with the South Pacific Hotel next door at 6300 Biscayne, and the Sinbad Motel to the south at 6150 Biscayne Boulevard, the Shalimar completed a thematic group of motels alluding to sea adventure and exotic locales. The original building permit indicates that the building was constructed as an apartment, however the plan does not include provision for kitchens. The “I” shaped configuration of the plan would be changed to a “U” when an addition was made in 1953. The swimming pool was added in 1955. The Shalimar’s designed opted for a more residential look, as the series of bays are separated by full height columns that carry a low-sloped gable roof. The focal point of the Shalimar is its delta wing pylon that carries the neon signage for the building.


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