Sandstone Motel

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Vintage Postcard – Sandstone Motel

sandstone motel battle creek

Sandstone Motel
Modern, Heated, with Private Showers
Single, Double, and Family Units
Located on U.S. 12
1181 E. Michigan Avenue, 3 Miles East of
Battle Creek, Michigan, and 3 Miles East
of U.S. 12 and M-78 Intersection
Owned and Operated by Otis and Gladys Todd
For Reservation Call WOodward 3-5839

Postally used, postmarked August 4, 11am, 1960 in Battle Creek
3 cent purple liberty stamp

Sent to Mr and Mrs. Dale Dettmer
7029 Lotus Ave
San Gabriel, California

We are staying here.
Nice place! Received your letter, will write later.
Are planning to see Dearborn before going home.
Milton, Ruth and Debbie

Growing up, we’d often drive past the old Sandstone. I was fascinated by the neon sign and the fact that the place was falling down. Motels with garages attached to the room were popular with the emerging car culture…imagine paying that much for a vehicle, and having to leave it outside at night! This place was torn down several years ago and replaced with a used car parking lot, which ironically is also now in disuse. One of my friends in school moved to the area, and when her father was scouting out the town for a place to live, he stayed at the Sandstone. He told a tale of having the lock not working on the door, and a thin chain was all that was between him and whoever tried to open his door in the middle of the night.

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