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Vintage Postcard – Sandcastle


Lido Beach, Sarasota, Florida
Telephone 388-2186  TWX SSTA 8093
60 superb hotel rooms and efficiencies located on 300 feet of magnificent pure white and private Gulf Coast beach. Coffee Shop and Cocktail Bar. Free golf and Continental breakfast. Fully air-conditioned, room TV, heated pool and putting green.

Top — Typical efficiency unit overlooking beach and Gulf.
Bottom — The famous Sandcastle patio bar and pool.
Rev. 5-62
Printed by Seaward – Edison Corp., N.Y.C.

I’m not entirely sure, but is the man in the tighty-whiteys and the seated lady next to him holding speared hot dogs? And I love the mod-styling on the efficiency unit.

Doing a little bit of research, it’s possible this was the Helmsley Sandcastle, owned by the famous Queen of Mean herself. And then, owned by her dog. Built in 1953, it is still open for business.

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