San Clemente California

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Vintage Postcard – San Clemente California

San Clemente California

U.S. Highway 101 passes through San Clemente from Laguna Beach and San Juan Capistrano, to San Diego.
GW 39

Published & Distributed by Golden West Color Card Co
2583 Maine Avenue, Long Beach 6, California
© MCMLVII by Geo. E. Watson Color Photographer

The Online Archive of California has this image from 1949 of The Travel Inn.

Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to track down the current view of this location. The Travel Inn seems long gone.

Happy National Postcard Week 2016. Seems I’m a bit behind on everything, so no custom-made cards this year. Hopefully I will get myself together in the meanwhile. I appreciate your continuing viewership of!


My dear friend James found the current view of the location for us:


He noted “the Travel Inn would be where the Baskin Robbins is, and the Sea Shore Cafe would have been where the parking and sign for the plaza are.”

Love it! Thank you so much, James.

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