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Drove past Ritzee the other night and couldn’t resist a picture. They don’t really have a facebook page, but a place page instead. Urban Spoon has some reviews, as does Google+.

Eating at Ritzee is an experience. You approach the counter, place your order and go sit down. If you need utensils or condiments, you grab them yourself. They will bring your food to the table; when you’re done, you’ll bus the dishes yourself. Brent, the owner, is so friendly. The staff members seem to really enjoy each other and joke and laugh a lot. It’s casual dining for sure, and the staff members are quite casual with the customers as well. I appreciate that.

Wednesday nights, they have the all you can eat spaghetti. It’s a heck of a deal and includes garlic toast and a drink. I generally get the smaller portion, which also includes garlic toast and a smaller drink. If I’m being less than virtuous, I’ll order the chili dog meal, which includes two chili dogs, french fries and a drink. Their chili dogs are excellent with a soft bun. The french fries are crinkle cut, salty, greasy and delicious. Bob often gets the Big Ritz meal, which is a burger with fries and a drink. Sometimes, he’ll get an additional mini-burger on the side. If you are really hungry, you can always go with a real malt. Excellent.

Ritzee is one of my favorite places in Battle Creek. If you’re in town, you should go.

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