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I always get a chuckle out of what things drive people to I thought I’d do a little answering of the hottest questions asked in the month of May.

1. Did Carlo Hesser love Renee Buchanan? 

Image Courtesy of OLTL update. Click on image for website.

Image Courtesy of OLTL update. Click on image for website.

So, some of you might remember my thoughts on One Life to Live and soap operas leaving television. If you’ve seen the movie Tootsie, you might remember the bit where Michael is unmasking himself live on tv and is discussing the history of the characters…it sounds rather unbelievable but totally soap-opera. Reading the wiki on Carlo Hesser gives you the same feeling. However, it does also answer the question:

Alex struggles in vain to retain control of Carlo’s mob empire, and finally finds a Carlo lookalike – Mortimer Bern – to take her dead husband’s place. Alex manages to eventually transform the meek Mortimer into a believable Carlo, but Mortimer soon falls for Renee Buchanan and becomes increasingly uncontrollable. Mortimer’s mother, Wilma Bern, arrives to find her son. Alex bribes Wilma to keep her plan in motion, but the police discover that “Carlo” is alive and intend to hunt him down. To save Mortimer, Wilma reveals that he and Carlo are twins; unable to care for two children, she had given up Carlo. 

2. Dog treat pouch sewing pattern

Why buy a dog treat pouch, dog bait bag, or whatever you like to call it from Petco or one of the box stores? You can make your own! Instructions here.

3. Cat solarium, cat four seasons room, catio.


The shelter where I work has a wonderful cat solarium. Because it’s a shelter environment, it’s cement floor and everything in it is taken out and washed daily. We have a screened-in back porch at home. The one at home has one of those big cat trees in it, and Maxy loves to take a nap in the hidey-hole. Make sure that your catio has people-furniture in it too…nothing better than an evening with a good book, a glass of wine and a lazy cat!

4. Fruit stand Key Largo.

There is one fruit stand to visit in Key Largo, Florida. Robert is Here. And it is awesome.

5. Approx. 50 variations on Bahama Princess Resort in Freeport, Bahamas.

So, I’ve found another link for the Royal Oasis Resort Hotel, Casino and Convention Center, this one from AECOM Capital. From their website:

The Royal Oasis is a well-established resort hotel located about 10 minutes from the airport, adjacent to the International Bazaar. While not located on the beach, the hotel complex is renowned for the tropical settings of its pool areas, which offer respite for guests after nights in the casino or out on Grand Bahama Island.

AECOM provided masterplanning and full design services for the existing 300,000 square foot, 400-room hotel, as well as for the 45,000 square foot casino and 55,000 square foot convention facility. In addition, a new 350,000 square foot hotel tower was added that includes 250 rooms as well as a new lobby, spa and fitness center. New residential 1, 2, and 3 bedroom 650 timeshare units were also part of the project scope.

I’ve contacted both the company and one of the principal architects and will keep you updated with what I learn! More Bahama Princess Resort and Casino here and here.

And here’s a recent garden pic. The catnip is doing well this year.


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