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Vintage Postcard – Pumperniks Miami


Restaurant and Sandwich Shop
67 St. & Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FLA.

Home of the Pumpernickel Bagel, that “Arthur Godfrey made famous”

Curteicholor Art-Creation from Color Transpariences (REG. U.S.A Pat. Off.)

This vintage postcard has a drawing of Mr. Pumpernik sitting on a bagel on the back. Bizarre. I am especially fond of the font on the neon signs, and fervently wish this was a night time shot. Either this was a busy corner, or the photographer couldn’t be bothered to wait for that lady to walk out of view (however, I covet her shoes). All the women are in skirts. There’s a single creeper in shorts by the lone palm tree (that could be the start of a short story, or the title of a Nancy Drew Mystery).

Pumperniks was owned by Wolfie Cohen, who also owned Wolfie Cohen’s Rascal House and Wolfie’s. All three were Jewish delis. All three are gone. This site has the location currently as a Walgreens (you really must click on the link…fantastic fade of the current day with the postcard above…first rate).

I had to look up who Arthur Godfrey was (he was popular on radio, and made the transition to being popular on tv. He had a few shows. And he fired someone live on air). I’m not sure why Godfrey is associated with a bagel; perhaps someone who remembers can enlighten me?

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