Painting #32 – Twin Peaks Inspired

Wednesday, February 3, 2021 0 No tags Permalink

Painting #32 is a Twin Peaks inspired piece in gouache. As you know, Twin Peaks Day is February 24th. Hope you plan on celebrating with a piece of cherry pie and a cup of black coffee. You know I will be.

I’m not sure about this piece. Some of it is not bad. Other areas could use some work. It’s my first nocturne, which was a challenge. Maybe acrylic would have been better? I don’t know. My next piece is sketched out and is a sci-fi theme. I’ll probably do it in acrylic. I think the scale is a bit wrong already on the drawing, but I’ll adjust it as I go. It’s never about how the pieces turn out really. It’s about how I feel when I’m painting, which is pretty awesome.

I’ve been working on crocheting a baby blanket and have been watching a ton of movies in preparation for the Oscar nominations. The Golden Globe nominations came out today and honestly they sucked. Really nothing that I’ve watched was nominated, and believe me I’ve been watching a wide range of movies. Have you seen anything you’ve enjoyed lately?

Next week is supposed to be hella cold. The next two weeks will be well below average temperatures, maybe 20 degrees below normal. We’re supposed to get a bit of a snowstorm the end of this week as well. Things are somewhat stressful at work as we are trying to hire three positions. I predict I will have some Saturdays in my future to work.

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