Olney Inn Miami Beach

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Vintage Postcard – Olney Inn

Olney Inn

Olney Inn – Miami Beach, Fla.
A branch of the famous Olney Inn at Olney, Maryland, near Washington, D.C.

Located at 1045 Dade Boulevard, (extension of the Venetian Causeway) near Alton Road

Lumitone Photoprint, New York  Made in U.S.A.

This Flikr has a bit of information on the Lumitone Photoprint process. If you’re interested, the Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City has an excellent historic guide about postcard printing. The long and short of it is a Lumitone is a tinted halftone. A halftone is the “reprographic technique that simulates continuous tone imagery through the use of dots, varying either in size, in shape or in spacing.” (Wikipedia)

There is a Publix standing at 1045 Dade Boulevard these days.

Raisin Toast has a nice bit about the original Olney Inn (Maryland). She also has some recipes that look awesome. Rum Buns…yum! Also, read through the comments; they are delightful.

This, from Google News, speaks of the owner Clara May Baughman’s (nee Downey) judgement of divorce, published in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune July 10, 1949. It reports “Her husband, whom she charged with “habitual intoxication,” had objected to the master’s report on the ground that she was not a legal resident because she lived aboard a yacht. In his cross petition to her divorce suit, Baughman charged she made unchaperoned trips with the captain of her $60,000 yacht Traveler.

There are several other nice vintage postcards online featuring the Olney in Miami Beach.

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