The Nonantum

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Vintage Postcard – The Nonantum

The Nonantum

The Nonantum
Kennebunkport, Maine     Tel.: 207  967-3338
Pool  *  Cocktail Lounge  *  Elevator  *  Steam Heat
*  Sprinkler System  * Directly on the Water.

A “Superchrome” Color Product by Bill Bard Associates, Monticello, N.Y.
(c) Color Photo by Bill Bard Associates

This lovely vintage postcard is unused. A printing mistake on the back, the last digit of the phone number (8) was left off and hand-written on in blue ink.

This is my first ever postcard from Maine. And I LOVE the paired couples and specific poses utilized to sell this little motel. All the ladies…bend a knee!

You will be overjoyed to know that the Nonantum is still in business: Memories made in Maine turn welcome into welcome back. The original inn opened in 1884 (the word Nonantum is from the Native American Algonquian word meaning blessing or pray). The pool in this photo was installed in 1963 (there is a new pool, circa 1998, at the resort now).

Honestly, this place gets great reviews. It has a pub, poolside grill, and full restaurant (menus online – food looks fantastic). The resort offers activities including kayaking (you know how I love to kayak!), sailing and all other kinds of outdoor activities. Reading about everything offered in Kennebunkport and at the Nonantum makes me consider vacationing to Maine (even though there isn’t a single palm tree!).

According to Wikipedia, Kennebunkport has a population of 3,474 people (2010 census). Kennebunkport was first incorporated in 1663 as Cape Porpus. The town was depopulated by 1689, and not resettled by Europeans again until the early 18th century. The area is also home to the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge.

I so totally want to go to Kennebunkport next summer.

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