National Crochet Month

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So, March is National Crochet Month. Julie Oparka, from Red Berry Crochet, is doing a 52 week crochet challenge (check out her awesome site and her blog!). There’s a group for her 52 week challenge on Ravelry, too. I thought it sounded like fun, and I wanted to learn how to crochet after Mom taught me how to do a crochet border on the scarves I was making. There’s something about the way the crochet hook moves that I find relaxing. Anyhow, you can follow my progress on the 52 week challenge here, and if you’re interested, you should join me.


You know what else is really awesome? Vintage crochet books. I am especially keen on the pink shell old blondie is wearing. But doesn’t she look rather snotty?


Here, we have Fashion Crochet.

And here, Crochet is the Fashion. Clearly. Isn’t that an awesome suit, though? Love it!


Not as awesome, here is my first finished crochet piece ever. It’s a dishrag. Lion Brand Yard, Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton. It’s lovely to work with, so soft. This was made with a J sized hook, single crochet with a single crochet border. The next bit of the 52 week challenge is to crochet a flower, in honor of the upcoming vernal equinox on Thursday. I’m going to have to seek out youtube tutorials, I think.

In other yarn-related news, I blocked Bob’s scarf to get it to not roll so much. I also loom-knitted a scarf for a friend who is moving, and blocked that, too. In that knitting adventure, I found out that I may be allergic to mohair. This was not a sensitivity, but a true reaction with hives and swelling throat and so on. I’ve not had a problem with sheep wool or alpaca before, and I hope this isn’t a problem that will morph into those fibers.


We’ll have a spring update later in the week, and next week we will get back to more vintage postcards. Please let me know if you’re planning on joining the 52 week crochet challenge. If you have a crochet blog, please let me know in the comments!

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