Motel 6 Salt Lake City

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Vintage Postcard – Motel 6 Salt Lake City

motel 6 salt lake city

Serving . . . Nationwide!
Motel 6 . . . of Salt Lake City
176 West Sixth South St.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
Phone 801-521-3280
110 Units, Pool, T.V.
Air Conditioned

This lovely vintage card, sent to me by my fabulous sister, is postally unused. It reminds me of a place my folks would have had us stay when we were young. I believe the guy in the lower left has a full cast on his leg, propped up on a lounge chair.

This is also my first card from Utah.

Well…it’s still a Motel 6. And the Trip Advisor reviews include:

  • Tom Bodett should leave the lights out at this hotel then you would not see how nasty the bed you are sleeping in is.
  • Couldn’t help but notice a few cigarette burns in the sheets.
  • As we walked in, someone shouted an obscene proposition from the 2nd floor at my daughter in law. A man maltreated a woman in the courtyard in front of everyone, and then stood on the balcony yelling about what he felt about her.
  • On the last morning of my stay I opened the door and discovered a broken liquor bottle and a bloody towel. Gross.


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