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Vintage Postcard – Monterey Motel & Apartments

Monterey Motel

50 Somerset Street
Clearwater  Beach, Florida 33515
Phone 446-9223 (Area 813)
Deluxe efficiencies and one-bedroom apartments. T.V., Central heating and air-conditioning. A block to beach, stores, restaurants, city bus and all conveniences. Off street parking.
Your hosts – Nancy & Jack (owner-mgrs.)

PostCard by Ward Beckett & Co. Clearwater, FLA.
Koppel Color Cards

This lovely vintage postcard was mailed using a 6-cent Franklin D. Roosevelt stamp in 1970 to Miss Florence Hertler, 1100 N Dearborn, Chicago, Ill 60610. It reads:

Having a nice time and the weather is just great. Am here for just a few days. We’ll be back Monday April 20th.¬†

O.M.G. What’s not to love about this card. Yes, there’s the big colorful umbrella. But wait, the person off to the side is shading with a little rain umbrella! There’s an old lady sunning herself in a dress and a shirtless man in blue swim trunks. I know you would like to sit down in that chair across from them and ask them where they are from. What caused them to move from wherever and live in the apartment or efficiency unit in Clearwater Beach? That is a building that looks like it could withstand a hurricane. The parking blocks are so white! Do you suppose Nancy weeds the flowers under the sign, and Jack cuts the grass? Oh, how lovely.

My friends, I am about to make your day:

montery today

There’s a pool now where the bit of grass used to be. The sign is gone. But it still stands. This whole street appears to be a bunch of old motels or apartments that are now condos. I can’t seem to find any information on Zillow, etc. about this exact location. I am just happy to know it is still standing and looking good, though. Maybe even better than in the postcard.

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