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It’s Thursday. And it’s time for some miscellaneous thoughts and images. Ready?

First, here is a picture of a cat in a nebulizer tank. Everyone has an upper respiratory funk going on. We live in a mucus-filled world. Neubulizer treatments for everyone!

cat in nebulizer tank

Second, I pinned this item on my “True Dat” board on Pinterest. It was pinned in honor of a local business owner here in town; he was recently a visitor to my place of employment.¬†Being mean to the receptionist = not cool.

Rice's Shoes

Third, this has been a long week of meetings. I had on Tuesday night and one Wednesday night. I miss having dinner with my husband and my cats. Next week, Thursday’s¬†soiree aside, should be more back to normal. Or at least, whatever normal is these days. Anyhow, when I got home Tuesday evening, there was a herd of apple-eaters in the side yard. Then, the neighbors let their dogs out. This is the result, frozen momentarily before mass flight.


Fourth, Wednesday’s sunrise was pretty awesome. My photography skill didn’t quite match up, so the color is off. But then, even the color being off, it’s an interesting image. That weird, nebulous bit around the sun? No idea. It is hot and humid this week, though. Summer has returned temporarily to Michigan.


Finally, here’s your pick-me-up for the day:

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