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I’m not getting much done on any projects, but thought I’d share a few misc. thoughts as March comes to a close. I always do better with assignments and deadlines and without the Cornell class I’m just not getting in my art space as much. I did try this little linocut print (above). I know linocut printing is a skill and you have to keep working on it to develop it. I’m still in the process of two zines as well.

I expect the crocuses may be in bloom today or tomorrow, if they haven’t frozen solid. We had snow over the weekend, and temperatures 20 degrees below average for this time of year. The buds on the maples have popped, but that’s about all the action we’ve seen in Battle Creek. Two weeks from now it will be time to put up the oriole and hummingbird feeders.

Last night we watched the Academy Awards. Most of the winners were the movies I haven’t seen. The biggest item of the evening was Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. I suppose that’s what this year’s show will be remembered for, anyway. As the Oscar pressure for viewing is off now, I’ve returned to watching gardening shows on BritBox. There were enough Hulu ads last night for shows that looked interesting, I may give a few of them a try, including Only Murders in the Building. It’s National Crochet Month and I didn’t make any special posts on it, but I did finish a shawl that I probably won’t wear and now I’m working on a mini blanket that I have no use for. I just need something to do with my hands while I watch tv.

April will bring daffodils and flowering trees and getting out in the garden. It will probably bring kittens at work, and baby geese by KCC. Hopefully, I’ll be more productive around the house and with some art time as well. I think once it gets a little warmer, or at least remains near normal temperatures for this time of year, everyone will feel a bit better.

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