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It’s June. Can you believe it? Anyhow, here’s some links to start the week.

I was listening to the Alt. Latino podcast from NPR. I was not expecting to like Brownout’s Brown Sabbath, but it is awesome. Very funky. Check them out.

This weekend I made up some of Alicia’s cold-brewed coffee. Easy, requires barely any effort in the morning, and perfect for the warm week ahead. Yum!

Over the weekend, I put the crochet project aside and started on my summer reading. I needed a break. The lap blanket is taking forever. Anyhow, I am already halfway through Sarah Addison Allen’s Lost Lake. Just like all her books, it’s a delightful read.

I am watching Twin Peaks again on Netflix (thanks, Kirsten!). Enjoy the show? Check out this website.

The shelter’s golf event is this week. I’ve got a meeting with some feral cat ladies this week. Looks like we’re in for rain and storms Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday which might put a stop to my secret morning project I’ve got going this summer (details to follow…at some point!).

Here’s a recent pic of Miss Cato the Bear:


Later this week we’ll have a postcard (Holiday Isles Motel). Have a great week!

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