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Ah, life in Michigan. You just can’t beat this time of year. It’s much easier to be relaxed and happy when it’s not cold and miserable outside. I’ve been thinking of stress relief a bit more lately (perhaps I’ve been a bit more stressed?). What are some of your tips and techniques for escaping the worry that rests on your shoulders?

In this article on xojane.com “THE BEACH, YOUR BED, YOUR GRAN’S GARDEN; WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD?” Natalie discusses the places she goes in her mind when she’s to relax – her favorite places ever that maybe don’t even exist any more, or that she may never return to again. I often do that myself, especially when I can’t sleep at night. Perhaps you have places like that to, places that when you close your eyes and imagine yourself there, you can feel your breath and heart rate slowing.

Here is one of mine:

Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Bob and I went on vacation there (two glorious weeks!) in 2010. See the top balcony here?

Stella West

Imagine me, watching the sunrise, drinking a cup of coffee:

Emerald Isle, NC

And here’s my view:

Emerald Isle, NC

It’s a piece of heaven, for sure. The salty breeze (no allergy problems that whole time we were there). Loved every minute of it. Other places I go in my mind are:

  • Up north in Ocqueoc, floating around in the row boat on the lake at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. The sound of the oar in the water, the water lilies, the sand bar. Grandma always had donuts for breakfast, Grandpa had boxes of Cracker Jack on the top of the fridge, and I can still smell Grandma’s Dove soap.
  • 900 Long Boulevard, #557. In my mind, I walk the entire place, from front door straight through, looking at everything. But my favorite was waking up in the morning. I could smell the coffee and hear Grandma and Grandpa talking in the kitchen. Then I’d hear the thump-thump-thump of Gin’s tail under the bed as she woke up, and we’d go downstairs for cereal.

I love getting postcards as much as collecting vintage postcards. Those below are two recent ones added to my collection. Someday, perhaps someone will be reading the back of these two, trying to figure out who I was.


The Dinner Horn, 1873
Winslow Homer, American, 1836 – 1919
Oil on canvas, 11 7/8 x 14 1/4 in.
Gift of Dexter M. Ferry, Jr.
(c) Detroit Institute of Arts  5200 Woodward Avenue  Detroit, MI 48202  dia.org

Mailed with a USA Forever Stamp (an unusual one, with trees and an American flag). My Aunt Gini selected it because it reminded her of my Grandma, which makes me love it even more. Instead of going immediately into my collection, I have it at work so I can look at it and enjoy it.


1989-16. JIMMY MARTIN (below), “King of Bluegrass”, at age 22, came to prominence while playing with Bill Monroe (1949), sang with the Osborne Brothers (1954), and formed his first “Sunny Mountain Boys” band (1955). JIMMY and his SUNNY MOUNTAIN BOYS (above) are on stage at the Poston Lake Festival, near Guysville, Ohio, 11 June 1988. Photo by Ronald L. Stuckey, Copyright 1989.
RLS Creations, Box 3010, Columbus, OH 43210

This card was mailed using a Celebrate Scouting forever stamp by my Aunt Suzie. She and my Uncle Hank thought of me while they were at a BBQ festival and competition; they visited the International Bluegrass Music Museum.

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