Minky Baby Blanket – Completed

Monday, February 11, 2013 0 No tags Permalink

I finished the minky baby blanket on Grandma’s 1941 Singer 66-16. It’s wrapped up, along with a book I seem to remember from Long Blvd that Grandma read to me, and the package is on its way to Ohio. I know Grandma would be pleased to know I used her machine to stitch the blanket. Hopefully, the blanket itself will be sort of like a hug from Grandma to the new baby.

Minky Baby Blanket

After I got the hang of using the old Singer 66-16, I really like it. Threading it wasn’t as difficult as I was expecting. Aside from a bobbin threading mechanism that seems to be completely broken (thankfully, I could wind the bobbin on my Brother) and an electric cord that’s on the edge of falling apart, the machine is in good shape. It also sews such a nicely stitched line.

The next sewing project are dog treat/bait bags for the shelter. I need to draft a pattern and get started on them. I will be using a purple 9 oz. canvas and purple nylon rip stop. I think I may switch back to the Brother for this next project, just so I don’t forget how to use it.¬†However, I’m a bit behind in my reading (post to follow), and haven’t played the guitar in over a week.

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