Michigan Bugs!

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Michigan Bugs!

It’s not just about dogs and cats at the Humane Society. Today (Wednesday) we had a surplus of cool bugs at the shelter. First is this praying mantis, hanging out on the front sidewalk by the mail box:

praying mantis

Some cultures believe that a praying mantis is a sign of good luck (unless, I suppose, you are a male praying mantis). This particular variety is a Chinese praying mantis (Tenodera sinensis). Read about them here.

Then, we saw this interesting orange bug on the window by the front door (we should really clean the outside glass panels):


I believe, thanks to google, it is an ichneumonid from the subfamily ophioninae. But I could be wrong.

And finally, next to the basement door, we have a katydid.


Want to know more about Michigan katydids? Click here.

The autumn weather has been fantastic. Warm (70s) days, cool nights, lots of sunshine. Leaves are changing, maybe 50 percent now. Mums are in bloom. Apple cider (and goodness, tons and tons of apples) are in good supply. Wishing this time of year could stretch on forever.

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