Memorial Weekend

Can’t believe we’re already on the other side of Memorial Weekend. We were busy, but we got a lot done including cleaning up the tree in the backyard and hauling a truckload of wood chips from that tree to the shelter trail. We also did the cemeteries with Bob and Iris. The weather was lovely!


The garden is already looking pretty good. This year I put herbs in pots including three kinds of mint (for tea!), lemon balm, chives, curry and parsley.


Everything is looking good so far. It is so nice that the weather is back to normal for this time of year. All the trees have full leaves.


Even the side garden looks pretty good this year.


We treated ourselves to Mr. Don’s for dinner Monday night. Hands down the best french fries in Battle Creek.


I have not finished my latest crochet project, and I’m not allowing myself to start ┬ámy summer reading until it’s done. I was hoping to deliver it tonight. I expect I have one more week to go on it if I hustle.

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