Maui Beach Hotel

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Vintage Postcard – Maui Beach Hotel

Maui Beach Hotel

Maui Beach Hotel
Kahului, Mai – Hawaii
A Modern hotel set in beautiful Kahului, Maui.
Published by WW Distributors Ltd., Honolulu, Hawaii 90814
Made by Dexter Press, Inc. West Nyack, New York

This lovely vintage postcard, sent to me by my fabulous sister, was mailed in October 1975 using a blue We hold these Truths 10 cent stamp to Mr & Mrs. W. Schlafle, 3181 N. Arlington Place, Portland, Oregon 97217. It reads:

Hi –
Well, I’ve been looking things over – will give you a report when I get back. I went to Lahania today. Haven’t bought much yet. I think every store around here is for tourists – it must be their main business. See you soon. Evelyn.

Guess what? The Maui Beach Hotel is still in business! Still has the A frame. Still looks great. Stay with them and “enjoy delightful oceanfront accommodations, exceptionally warm service, great dining, FREE internet access, and FREE airport shuttle service.”

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