Mari-Nelle Court Sanford Florida

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Vintage Postcard – Mari-Nelle Court Sanford, Florida

Mari-Nelle Court Sanford Florida

Mr. and Mrs. Woody Palmer, Owner and Manager
2564 Orlando Road
Hwy. 17-92, Sanford, Florida
One mile south of business center. Phone 229-m. Fire proof constructed. Furnished for your comfort, TV in rooms
Air conditioning — Panel ray heat — Over night and kitchenette apartments. Next door to Jim Spencer’s restaurant.

Genuine Ektachrome, R.A. Lasater, Aerial Photographer, Apopka, Fla.
K [Koppel Color Cards] 24820

This lovely vintage postcard featuring the Mari-Nelle Court Sanford, Florida was mailed using a 2-cent red Jefferson stamp from Sanford on August 15, 1957 and is part of the Price is Right collection of cards. It was mailed to Modern Showcase, Price is Right, P.O. Box 363, New York 46, N.Y. and reads:

Toni Palmer
2564 Orlando Rd.
Sanford, Fla.
– Bid 1,903 51/100

The handwriting looks like a young girl’s, and I’d bet that this was sent by the motel owners’ daughter while she watched on her summer vacation. That just makes me love it all the more. I bet she’s even the young girl in the postcard image, sitting with her parents and a younger brother.

So, the place still stands, though it’s changed quite a bit. The breeze-block garage bit on the end has been removed. The grassy area now seems to be cement, but the shape is exactly the same. The beautiful sign has been replaced. Well, see it for yourself (thanks to Google Street View):

Mari-Nelle Court Sanford Florida

The office side of the place looks a little better.

Mari-Nelle Court Sanford Florida

Yeah, that’s it. The decorative wrought-iron columns holding up the roof line. Pop machine outside the office door. Original windows. I love it.

Jim Spencer’s restaurant now seems to be a restaurant supply store, though the bones of the original building are there. Reviews on the Slumberland are mixed. Wifi and pets are welcome, no smoking inside the rooms.

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