Marglad Motel Miami

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Vintage Postcard – Marglad Motel Miami

Marglad Motel

5501 Biscayne Boulevard, U.S. 1, Miami 37, Florida.
Telephone PL 9-0619
A beautiful motel in a tropical setting. Conveniently located to beach and all points of interest. Spacious grounds with parking. Beautifully furnished. Steam heat, air conditioned and air cooled. Kitchens. Day or week. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Couvreur, Owner-Managers.

Pub. by Color Ads Productions, Box 38-594 Miami Florida

This lovely vintage postcard was mailed using an 8 cent Eisenhower-USA stamp on February 28, 1973. It was mailed to Mr. Cure, Claude Champagne St Mathieu, CP 72, Dixaville Cte Stanted Quebec Canada, Paul Imelda P2. It reads:

27 Fevrier 19/73
Nous sommes rendu en miami nous sommes arriver¬†lundi apres midi nous avons visite en [montant] cet tres beau les motel sont rempli on n’est a 7 milles en [delious] la temperature 75 degre nous sommes a ce motel la nous faisons un beau voyage

I remember just enough French to get the jist of this. The google translation isn’t great, unfortunately. Doesn’t help that there are two words I’m not sure of. Anyhow, it seems that the card sender thought the motel was nice and the weather was good.

Here’s another card with a difference view, on flickr.

The place was still standing in 1982, as there was a lawsuit against it and the insurance company for an unspecified accident by a worker, Bessie Thomason. The individual who brought the suit was awarded “appropriate compensation” and attorney fees.

A damn shame, this lovely old place is long gone. It’s a vacant lot, currently for sale (courtesy Google Street View):


Can’t find much on Mark and Daisy¬†Couvreur. He passed in 1970 and she passed in 1987.

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